In October we got the opportunity to fulfill a dream that I don’t think any of us at DSD could ever imagined fulfilling. We received a dream application from our staff at Three Rivers Hospice for a gentleman by the name of Bruce. You would never expect what Bruce’s dream was before reading the title to this blog. Bruce dreamed of receiving an engine for his car so that he could travel locally and visit his wife, who was also on hospice, and his family (3 sons, 1 daughter, 3 step-kids, and 9 grandchildren) while he was still physically capable. He wanted to be able to build lasting memories with his family while he could without having to rely on others.

At first we thought his dream was impossible to fulfill… Shortly after reviewing his medical information and getting the clearance for our hospice medical director, we set out to make Bruce’s dream come true!

With the help of our staff at Three Rivers Hospice and Bruce’s family, we were quickly able to locate him a matching engine for his vehicle. With the generous donations received from our donors we were able to purchase the engine from a second hand vehicle parts yard. After the engine was purchased Bruce’s family worked effortlessly to remove his old engine and swap it out with the new functioning one.

The smile that our staff got to witness on Bruce’s face when he got into his car to drive to see his wife was true #DreamComeTrueExperience.