Thank You Erica for raising $210.00 to help create #DreamComeTrueExperiences for your birthday!

For her birthday, Erica asked family and friends for donations to Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

“For my birthday I wanted to do something meaningful. So I asked for donations to Don’t Stop Dreamin’. I had chosen DSD because their mission means a lot to me. I was with high hopes that family and friends would consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me.

– Erica

#DreamComeTrueExperiences and moments, like mentioned above, are made possible thanks to you and other generous supporters of Don’t Stop Dreamin’. Dreams may be – but are not limited to – day or overnight excursions, celebrations, attendance at special events, renewal of hobbies or special interests, once-in-a-lifetime experiences or the rental of electronic devices for leisure or staying in touch with family and friends. We encourage our applicants to DREAM BIG!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who donated! I’m excited to let you all know about the dreams that will happen because of your support! <3

– Erica