Our Dreams

Since 2005 we have been fulfilling Dreams for residents and patients of all ages and medical conditions.  The only stipulation is they are a resident of a QLS facility or patient of Three Rivers Hospice.

Dreamers have relaxed at spas, gambled at casinos, rode on horses and motorcycles, fished for walleye on Lake Erie, and enjoyed delicious restaurant dining.  They have rode in hot air balloons and airplanes, visited at various zoos and theme parks, sang along with famous singers such as the Rolling Stones at concerts and cheered on the Pittsburgh Pirates, Penguins and Steelers.  Check out some of the amazing Dreamers on the photo gallery page.

If you are interested in submitting a Dream application
please complete the form below or call for further information at 724-431-0770.

Qualifying Dream Recipient Requirements:

Resident of a Quality Life Services nursing home or patient in Three Rivers Hospice.
Must be cognitively, emotionally and physically capable of communicating and experiencing the dream.

Restrictions on Types of Dreams:
Don’t Stop Dreamin’ grants qualifying dreams as funding and resources are available. Don’t Stop Dreamin’ reserves the right to deny requests for any purpose in conflict with the mission of Don’t Stop Dreamin’. Don’t Stop Dreamin’ will deny the following types of dreams:

  • Political or legal in nature
  • Housing foundations or reconstruction
  • Bill payments or requests for cash
  • Medical items including surgery or pharmaceutical items
  • Physical assets including houses, autos, boats, planes, etc.
  • Excessively dangerous in nature

Don’t Stop Dreamin’ dream recipients and requests are qualified by Board of Directors’ decisions.

Before applying for a dream, please read the selection process. Fill out the application linked above and submit, or print and mail completed applications to Sue Tack, Dream Fulfillment Coordinator, Don’t Stop Dreamin’ 612 N. Main Street Butler, PA 16001 or email to: dsd@qualitylifeservices.com

Three Rivers Hospice Patient Care Fund.

Don’t Stop Dreamin’ assists with support for personal and household items to make caring for patients less burdensome on caregivers.  Items such as grocery vouchers, clothes, shoes, activity mats, baby monitors, books, CD’s and communication boards are samples of item that have been purchased.

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